Rise Up and Change : Episode: The Change at Nong Hin


Program Operation: Rise Up and Change
Episode Operation: The Change at Nong Hin
Length 5 minutes
Sponsored by The National Health Commission Office

Nong Hin, Mueng Suang, Roi Et Province
This was once a community that has fallen into a whirlwind of neverending problems.
One of the most serious problems was gambling.

Design the community, by the community, to achieve mutual goals
Ceasing to believe in such help from knights in shining armour became the new beginning. The first group of local influencers consisting of monks, doctors, civil workers, politicians, teachers, and community leaders came together to brainstorm, design, and drive the changes they wanted to see in their own community. Then they organized meetings with the residents where everyone was entitled to voice and exchange opinions without reservation....

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